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The Tower of Babel Redeemed

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately on Social Justice and how that plays into the Christian Worldview.  Timothy Keller has written two very excellent books on the subject.  The first: Ministries of Mercy which deals more of the practical side of setting up ministries in your church that focus on social justice.  The other book: Generous Justice deals with the overall mentality of a Christians and our obligation of justice to our fellow human being.  Amidst all of this, he dealt briefly in a chapter about ego-centric cultures and the fallacy of believing your culture has it all right.  He shared this concept and I wanted to share it with you.

I think we all know the story of the Tower of Babel found in the Book of Genesis, chapter 11.  We know that before the Tower of Babel all people were of one language and one tongue.  There was only one dialect across the entire earth.  Because of this they banded together to build a tower to reach all the way into heaven.  God saw their motive for doing this and the wickedness in that separated them.  Making different nations and languages out of them.  The diversity of their languages happened because of their depravity.

Well we know that Christ will redeem everything in the end days.  He will not only redeem and make perfect those who had faith in Him, but he was also redeem the rest of creation back into perfection.  This includes no more natural disasters; the earth becoming perfect; animals being redeemed and so on.  Among these things is our language.  I believe that Pentecost was a the beginning of language becoming perfect.  We know that when Peter spoke the first gospel message on Pentecost that it was in one language that all could understand.  This means that what had happened on the Tower of Babel had begun to be reversed.  This is such an awesome foresight to all of creation being perfected in eternity.

Not only this, but Keller also points out one other amazing thing about Pentecost.  Notice that when Peter preached the first gospel message of Christ’s Resurrection, that is was in one tongue that all could understand.  This negates any belief that one nation could be better than any other.  If Peter would have spoken in Hebrew, Greek, etc., then one could emphasize the importance in that.  Instead, God through His endless brilliance, decided that the first news of the Resurrection would be in one tongue that all understood.

This should be heavy on our hearts when we think about our culture effecting our faith. Of course there are many aspects of our faith that have been so culturally conditioned that we are not able to realize it.  We just need to understand that it is not our culture that is inerrant and infallible, but rather the God and His revelation to us.


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