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The Absent Are Safe Here

Something has been weighing very heavily on my heart lately.  I’ve have felt very convicted over Ephesians 4:29.  The verse simply states, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear”.  If I could ask you to pray for me about one thing right now, it would be this.  I absolutely need to be edifying with me speech; building up my brothers and sisters around me.

If you heard me speak in chapel at FWBBC on Friday, you may have heard me talk about a illustration that Haddon Robinson used in one of his sermons.  Haddon Robinson tells the story of walking into the house of Robert­son McQuilkin and seeing a plaque up on the wall.  The plaque read, “The Absent Are Safe Here.”  McQuilkin put this up on the wall to deter both himself or anyone else to talk bad about someone who wasn’t there.  When I first heard this story, I thought it was phenomenal.  What a bold move to protect those who aren’t there.  It made me want to post this phrase in every room that I inhabit throughout the day.  I want people to know that when I walk into a room that “The absent are safe there.”  Ray Pritchard continues with this theme and writes down a list to expound upon this concept.  This is a set of rules that he wrote down to help himself live up to this commandment:

– No cheap shots
– No shar­ing of gos­sip
– No repeat­ing of rumors
– No judg­ing of motives
– No shar­ing of details that should remain pri­vate
– No trash talk
– No insin­u­a­tions
– No angry invec­tives
– No mak­ing your­self look good at the expense of oth­ers
– No max­i­miz­ing the sins of oth­ers
– No adding aggra­vat­ing details to make the absent look worse
– No dis­miss­ing an unkind remark by say­ing, “I was only joking.”

This helps even further in my endeavor to do better on this virtue.  I know that only through the power of Christ will I be able to truly be edifying with my speech.  That true edification comes only through speaking His truth and building up His church.  Hopefully being transparent on this issue will help me.  Help me be accountable.  Pray for me.  And I hope that you will join me in this challenge:  to not let any corruptible speech come out of your mouth, but only things that would edify and build up those around you.


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