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Love Letter from Johnny Cash

Robert Browning said upon the death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “This I believe – of this I am certain; from this life I shall pass to another better where that lady lives of whom my very soul is enamoured.”

Elizabeth, when living, has said to Robert, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

What has happened to our love language?  We have brought it down to three-minute sound bites – sandwiches in cute words that rhyme.  And it’s a shame that those love songs are played everywhere with no follow-up kisses to seal the words.

Speaking of sandwiches, June just walked up to me and asked, “John, what would you like for lunch?”  She looked right at me with a kind, loving look.  She might or might not have known I was quoting Robert and Elizabeth Browning.

I remember when I fell into June’s “Ring of Fire.”  There was a lot of showing it as well as saying it.  Never has there been a deeper love than my love for her.  At times it was painful, but we shared the pain, so it was just half painful.

Now, even though it mellowed out, the flame of our love still burns.  And it burns, burns, burns.


Johnny Cash

January, 2000


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