Insights with Superpowers

What Doest Thou For Me?

Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf, a German nobleman who was born into great power and privilege and lived from 1700 to 1760, was one of the founders of the Moravian Church.  Over the years he spent his wealth down to practically zero doing good deeds, pouring himself out for others.  Why? What happened that motivated him so radically? As a young man of nineteen, he was sent to visit the capital cities of Europe in order to complete his education.  One day he found himself in the art gallery of Düsseldorf gazing at Domenico Feti’s Ecce homo, a portrait of Jesus waring a crown of thorns.  This image of the suffering Lord was very moving to Zinzendorf.  Underneath the painting the artist had penned an inscription, words that Jesus might say to any one of us: “All this I did for thee; what does thou for me?”


– Taken from Timothy Keller’s book “King’s Cross” pg. 152


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