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Taste Bud Tuesday #2

I know all of you have been biting your fingernails in anticipation for the second installment of Taste Bud Tuesday.  (Just go with it).  Thus, I will delay no longer.  Here are two more places that I highly recommend you check out on  your next culinary outing.

1.  Monell’s

This is one of my favorite places to eat at in Nashville.  This family-style restaurant is found in Germantown of Nashville.  It is “family-style” to the T.  They fill up the tables with whatever patrons show up, whether you know them or not.  They then proceed to bring out the dishes to which you are instructed to “pass to your left”.  The food is absolutely fantastic.  Growing up in the North all I knew was Coney Dogs and Chili Cheese Fries (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but getting to feast on these southern delicacies at a place like Monell’s is an experience in and of itself.  I took my family here the last time they were in Nashville.  They were in awe.  I stumbled upon this place trying to find a parking spot to eat at “The Mad Platter” and decided to take Rebekah to Monell’s instead.  Since then I’ve taken everyone from college professors to a group of close buddies here.  Once you try it, you’ll want to tell everyone.

2.  The Grilled Cheeserie

Let me begin by saying that there are few times that after taking a bite of something I step back and say “My goodness”.  This is one of those few times.  The Grilled Cheeserie is a food truck that drives around Nashville and parks in different areas during lunch.  They have both a Twitter and a Facebook account that you can follow them on to see where they are at each day.  Last week me and Bekah decided to try and hunt down the Grilled Cheeserie.  Now, they claim to be a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck.  I had no idea what that meant.  Simply put, they have high end ingredients that they use inside of this Food Truck.  I ordered the smoked cheddar with ham and bacon on sourdough.  It was euphoric.  This is a terrific meal for a date.  Order at the truck and then take a walk around.  I promise you’ll enjoy it.


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