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The Benefits of Expository Preaching

Why should expository preaching be recovered and faithfully practiced?

  1. It gives glory to God alone. Since expository preaching begins with the text of Scripture, it’s starts with God and is in itestlf an act of worship.
  2. It makes the preacher study God’s Word. The first heart God’s Word needs to reach is the preacher.
  3. It helps the congregation. It enables the congregation to learn the Bible.
  4. It demands treatment of the entire Bible. It prevents the preacher from avoiding difficult passages or from dwelling on only his favorite texts.
  5. It provides a balanced diet. Exposition affirms the priority and sufficiency of a text. We serve our people best when we make clear that we are committed to teaching the Bible by teaching the Bible.
  6. It eliminates Saturday night fever. It liberates the preacher from last minute preparation and it doesn’t leave the congregation wondering what the preacher will talk about on Sunday.

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